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Found in the Nejd region of this Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh is the money of Saudi Arabia as well as its largest town. A centre of energy, finance and commerce, meetings play an ever more important role in the economy. We at Holiday Inn Riyadh do not have less than three resort hotels here, based in Riyadh’s prime cultural and business areas. With advanced seminar rooms ideal for personal functions also business conferences, our company is similarly suited for both business and leisure visitors.

Constructed on a wilderness oasis around 1500 years ago, Riyadh started life as a small walled town. a rich and fertile area which was for a lot of centuries an essential centre of farming, it became famous for its orchards and date palms. The arrival of oil introduced brand new riches, with all the Saudi government encouraging economic growth by, as an example, the privatisation of key utilities such electrical energy and telecommunications. Although fossil fuels not any longer dominate the economic climate as they as soon as did, private enterprise continues to dominate Riyadh’s economy, with corporate conferences taking place on a regular basis.

Riyadh’s business and monetary district of Olaya homes numerous big conglomerates and personal businesses, along with the HQ of nationwide Bank. We at Holiday Inn Riyadh have actually a prestigious hotel in the center with this essential area: Holiday Inn Riyadh-Al Qasr. Completely renovated in 2007, our luxurious premises take a prime place adjoining King Fahd road, the wealthiest area of the town. A glittering thoroughfare of high-rise company structures, conglomerate headquarters and department stores, King Fahd roadway backlinks right to King Khaled airport terminal. With state-of-the-art summit facilities for approximately 1300 delegates, we at Holiday Inn Riyadh-Al Qasr are essentially situated for international conferences and conferences.

Close by is our Holiday Inn Riyadh-Olaya hotel, once more easily near the commercial, business and retail center and just thirty minutes drive from the airport. Those attending trade fairs and conventions during the Exhibition Centre will find it conveniently almost, although the federal government ministry structures may also be close by. As well as conference areas housing up to 450 delegates, our Holiday Inn Riyadh-Olaya features a staffed company centre. Our manager rooms tend to be perfect for breakout sessions and personal conversations out of the primary meeting rooms.

Occasionally, business meetings require smaller, much more personal facilities – a job which our Holiday Inn Riyadh Minhal hotel fulfils ingeniously. Convenient the government embassies, Exhibition Centre and primary company area, it is also essentially positioned for conferences concerning health and medication – Riyadh’s Military medical center and King Faisal professional Hospital are both near by. Our main meeting area will accommodate as much as 350 delegates, using advantageous asset of being separable into three smaller rooms.

Despite its ancestry, Riyadh’s design is largely contemporary, dominated because of the Kingdom Centre, the tallest building in Saudi Arabia. But you can find surprising snippets of the past – such as the 19th century Masmak fort, plus the mud-brick structures of Al-Dira. Located on the website of this old walled city, this area has been sympathetically rebuilt to mirror the pre-20th century structure regarding the Nejd area.

We at Holiday Inn Riyadh tend to be within simple reach of those cultural gems – the perfect reason to-break up conferences with a little bit of sightseeing.

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